Before & After | Glamour Photography

I just love these Before & Afters! I always have a great time looking at the befores & afters when editing my photos and I can't believe I never considered that you all might find that fun too. :) Meet M. As you can see M has a very fun look and wow did we all have a good time playing with that hair.

For the black outfit I wanted to do something fierce and Justine (owner, lead stylist and fashionista extraordinaire of Beauty Justified) had a great idea to pin M's hair back on one side and she even laced a green ribbon thru it (you can't see it here but it rocked!) She smoked out those eyes and we were all set. For the 2nd look I wanted something much softer and playful. So Justine brought the hair back down and softened up M's makeup. I absolutely adore laughing photos. Those are the ones your Love will look at and say "Yup...there's my girl." My job = Done. ;-)