First Look | Rachel & Dan

I am tongue-tied and a bit twisted this morning with the wedding we were so gloriously privileged to photograph this past Saturday. I know you remember Rachel & Dan from our Style Me Pretty feature, well we finally made it to their wedding and let me say...eye. candy. It was worth the wait. So here is the itty-bittiest of sneak peeks for this one. You know how I am a ginormous fan of starting the wedding day with a First Look and Rachel & Dan pulled this off with so much grace and emotion. Butterflies in my stomach, right now, just thinking about it!

Dan was and emotional. Just talking with him for a minute before Rachel came to meet him was truly wonderful for me because he was so filled with energy and anticipation to see Rachel.

The simple deliciousness of love never ever ceases to get me at every wedding. One of the most powerful and splendid emotions, it never disappoints in its moment of flowing freely between 2 people.