Before & After Photos | Glamour Boudoir Photography

So I just recently started considering taking Before & After (B&A) photos of clients during their sessions. I've always been amazed at the transformation that happens from the time a client walks into my studio and when she walks out. Trust me...those are 2 completely different women. She comes to me excited, nervous, reserved and shy. She leaves relaxed, confident and empowered. It's beautiful to watch that journey and it's magical to help her unfold and come alive. So it dawned on me that maybe you would like to see that too. So here is N. N and I talked, plotted, collaborated, pondered and planned her shoot for a while and it was a blast...I mean was 2 girls giddily cavorting while coming up with ideas for what we wanted to do.

So here is N's B&A and a teensy bit more. Enjoy...more to come.

And I couldn't resist throwing in just one more...

And if you're wondering who rocked out this look it was none other than the team at Beauty Justified. Of course. ;-)