Mt. Washington Weddings | Monterey Bay | Pittsburgh

Well there is a first time for everything, right? Last night was actually three firsts for us. One--we got to photograph a wedding on a mushroom atop Mt. Washington. It was a gorgeous day yesterday and the sun just beamed down and lit up the most beautiful blue sky. We have photographed at St. Mary on the Mount but never on one of the actual overlooks. It was simply lovely.

Two--We photographed on a Tuesday. We have had a few, rare weekday weddings but this is our first Tuesday. The ceremony took place at 5:30pm so it was a little treat to the coming-home-from-the-daily-grind passerby peeps. We got lots of honks for sure. :)

Three--We photographed Shanon & Rich's dinner in the Wine Room at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. We have photographed at Monterey Bay a few times but never in their Wine Room. It was quite lovely. You can only fit maybe 25 people at most in there and our couple had a total of 11, including themselves so they fit nicely. There are 2 whole walls of floor to ceiling windows and a gorgeous wine alcove with 3 walls of floor to ceiling wine racks. It had a very Tuscan feel to the room (more to come on this).

If you know me at all you know I'm lovin' all the details of the day.....

Lots more to come here!