Should You have Two Photographers at Your Wedding?

Yes, the trend right now is to have 2 photographers present at your wedding day. It's not completely necessary, especially if you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding. But for a full wedding day, it's awfully nice to have 2 sets of eyes and hands with extra cameras.

But John & I come to the table with even more than just a few extra eyes and cameras; we come with an excellent workflow and a really terrific balance to give you absolutely everything for your wedding day. John and I shoot very differently. I shoot very feminine and very dramatic. So I gravitate towards curves, softness and the big huge shots that are powerful (hopefully) and reminiscent of magazine spreads (hopefully). I want an intake of deep breath when the couple views my work. :) John tends to shoot more masculine, so he gravitates more towards angular shots and he is also amazing at capturing moments. He just always seems to be in the right place at the right time so when a couple looks at his work they are either giggling or you hear "awwww...." So with us you get a good mix.

As for the series above you see, this is why John and I make such a good team. While I am setting up shots and getting what I see with the grand backdrops, John is taking every second to capture every moment in between when the couple has no idea that the shutter is just clicking away. So you don't just get the shot I have in my head, you get all the shots of you and your new husband/wife sharing those sweet little giggles, kisses and looks. Perfection.