Foodie Friday (Yep...on a Thursday)

So I'm going to be taking a few days off to spend the holiday with my family but wanted to leave at least one last post for the weekend.

This post is all about what I call my 2nd Breakfast. :) You have already been introduced to my 1st Breakfast....well here is another super nutritious breakfast.

Here we have Ezekial bread flourless and made from sprouted grains. This is an actual recipe taken straight from the Bible. It's quite nutritious....a little dense but I only eat it toasted and I love it.

Next I spread on some Earth Balance buttery spread. Don't knock it! It tastes EXACTLY like butter and it's made from expeller-pressed oils so it's actually pretty good for you.

And the ingredient all of you will think I'm nuts to include: sauerkraut. But not just any sauerkraut; it has to be a very high-quality sauerkraut. I use Bubbies. High-quality sauerkraut is a natural probiotic, meaning, it helps to regulate your digestive system. Probiotics are a new trendy word but seriously, they are miracle workers and a high-quality sauerkraut is a great way to start incorporating a healthy digestive assistant. If you've ever tried to take fiber tablets or tried to get your fiber in by eating processed forms of fiber you know the result. Natural is always the way and sauerkraut is a good start. A high-quality sauerkraut is refrigerated and has absolutely nothing in it but cabbage, water and salt. Nothing else is needed.

And the topper: tomato. I love tomato but you can top it with anything you like.

2nd Breakfast success!