What is Sexy?

Is it a look? An outfit? Age? Is it a stare or a touch? Yes. Sexy is a state of mind, much like every other emotion, characteristic or personality trait we show. It's where your mind is in that moment. Some women carry a very sensual tone to themselves all the time. Some women carry a joyous tone to themselves or even a simple stillness. It's all in what you believe; your confidence. Remember your mother telling you: if you believe it, they will believe it (reminds me of a book I read to Ella every chance I get: Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon...I actually think females of all ages should read this. It's a good one :)) But sexiness is more than just carrying yourself well and it's way way more than what people most associate sexiness with: sex. Sexiness is accepting yourself for who you are. The good. The bad. The ugly. The amazing. The power. The vulnerability. This is what I like to bring out in my clients. Tell me your bad. Tell me your ugly and I will show you your power, your fierceness. I will conjure your softness and your sensuality and I will show you that being vulnerable and giving yourself the permission to let go for a moment will remind you who you are, down deep, in your bones. Remember her? She's there...waiting for some release.