For the Love of Your Mother | Mother's Day Gift of Photography

Can't believe another Mother's Day is around the corner. Feels like just yesterday I was screaming in agony begging someone one to slit my throat rather than feel even one more contraction. Not even kidding there. But little did I have any idea that all that pain, screaming, cussing, name-calling (sorry honey...I love you) and general misery would be worth it all.

First time mamas just have no clue how it all changes your life. We think we know but boy do we not know a thing. I liked it that way. I wouldn't have wanted to know what was coming. Just sitting here I can think of a million memories of Ella that make me giggle, ponder, tear up and just smile...and she's only 6. There have been struggles, many tears, lots of worrying and second-guessing but wow...who knew your heart could hold that much love?? It's inconceivable. Just the other day, while we were watching Ella swing on a swing with a friend, John said to me: You grew that. And even now, it makes me tear up.

Yes. Yes I did. I grew that. I'm still mystified that the female body can produce another life. I mean...really think about that: I can split myself in two. Holy crap. And not only can I grow an entire human being in my body but I can keep it alive simply on my own body's nutrients for about a year after it's born. Holy crap. We see it and live it so often we tend to forget how miraculous that is. Just. Miraculous.

I sit and ponder motherhood often. It's just plain crazy to see Ella go thru each phase of her life with wonderment while I get to enjoy it from afar because I have the gift of being able to pull from my past. I can feel what she is feeling just by watching her and in that moment being transported back to when I was that age. I have hindsight thru her. I can see what's coming next, I can feel her excitement, anger, sadness and fun. It blows my mind...daily.

So in light blowing my mind I thought I'd blow your mind too. :) Mother's Day is coming and I know all you gals are wondering what the right gift is for the woman that gave you a name. Well, I have decided to offer a Mothers & Daughters special. If you would like to bring yourself and your mama in for a day of pampering, rejuvenation and photography now is the time. Sessions will include makeup and hair styling by the fabulously talented Justine Lyn of Beauty Justified, I will work with you on wardrobe styling and we'll take off from there. I will photograph you with your beautiful mom and sisters if you have them. We'll dance, play, laugh and have more fun than you can imagine.

This is a limited time offer and can only be scheduled for this month of April 2012. Each of you will receive a 5x7 photograph and Mom will also receive a 5x5 album with some of the photos from your wonderful Girls Day. :)

Contact me for more information.