Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Heinz Chapel | Michelle & Mike

What a great weekend for a wedding. If you were here in the 'Burgh you might disagree as Saturday morning we all woke up to rain after having a few weeks of the most scrumptious Spring weather ever. But Mother Nature came thru and day turned out to be just lovely. And shooting at Heinz Chapel is always a pleasure. So meet Michelle & Mike. Sweet couple, fun couple, loving couple...easy day. ;-) We feel like we're part of Michelle's family at this point. We photographed her sister Darlene and her husband, we photographed her sister Cindy's wedding, her cousin JJ's wedding, now Michelle's wedding and this summer we're also covering another wedding of a gal that was one of Michelle's bridesmaids this past weekend. Can't get better than that. You know if families keep calling you're doing something right. So we take this as a compliment. :)

Just adorable!

And this wedding party was seriously crazy. Don't let their cuteness fool you here....those guys in the back that look so sweet and harmless...every single one partied till they dropped Saturday.

And here are the 3 gorgeous Vislay sisters. Isn't it amazing how much they each have their own distinct look yet they also look so much like each other. It's a head shaker for sure. No mistaking these 3 for anything but sisters.

More to come!