All that is Beautiful. All that is Pinterest

Oh good golly Miss Molly. I just found Pinterest. Yes, I know I'm wayyyyyy behind the curve here. I know this makes me look bad but at least I'm admitting it. I just got on the Pinterest bandwagon and WOWSA. I'm in love (right about now all you women reading this are nodding your heads with that knowing smile like "U-huh...I know EXACTLY what you mean!")

So here is what I love about Pinterest and I know this isn't a new-found concept: it's visual. POW! For photographers, you can't get any better than that. I think visually and I learn better visually and I can also tell you that my emotions react so much differently to visual stimulation rather than say, conversation. Conversation can have so many undertones, so many misunderstandings (remember that email you got from your friend that you thought might be angry with you and then you read the email and realized it could be construed in a million different ways?) So a lot of times I prefer to communicate visually and I definitely like to research and play visually. I guess it comes along with the job.

And there is so much I never knew existed! Want to create a new outfit?? Find someone talented in fashion and follow them. Want to find recipes for a gluten free diet because you just realized your son is allergic to gluten? Find some smarty pants that knows the deal on that and start following. Want to figure out different looks for wedding invitations, place cards, decorations, dresses, outfits for the catch my drift. It's like Facebook, only less personal, more visual and whole world more fun.

So for those of you in the know, I have a new Pinterest page. Be gentle with me....I'm a newbie. Feel free to start following and please by all means invite me to your stuff! Especially our brides! I hear the big trend is to start a page so you can show your florist your ideas, put looks together, get inspired....well invite me! I want to see your ideas!!!