New Fashion for the Unique Bride | Distinguishing Bridal Fashion

If you've been following my blog lately then you'll notice I've had a bit of a theme lately: the Non-Traditional Bride. I can't help it! Bridal fashion has really just exploded lately into a whole new realm of really pushing the envelop of what a bride should look like. It's clear that most brides aren't ready to step away from the traditional light colors for gowns but the styles have become so soft and so romantic it makes me want to get married all over again. And the accessories! AAAAHHHHH! The accessories are simply so delicious nowadays. Trinkets, hats, scarves, feathers, cuffs, goes on and on! It's so exciting when I get to work with a bride that takes a few more risks with her fashion because it really makes her look all her own. Brides of today: don't be afraid to put a little of your personality into your look! Have some flare and for sure have some fun!

And I also triple love that there is a newer trend to mix your look up a little for your reception attire. Some brides are going so far as to wear a completely different gown to their reception(which I adore) but if your budget doesn't allow it, consider mixing it up with removing your traditional veil and replacing it with something that shows you're ready for your party: a birdcage veil, a bedazzled headband, a sparkling clip or even a little hat...all of these things can add to your whole look. Add a jeweled cuff or a bolero, jacket or cardigan that changes your entire look.

If you're a fan of Anthropologie then you will go gaga over their sister site specifically for wedding fashion: BHLDN. If I were getting married all over again I would look no further than this site. It's so fresh, so romantic and offers truly unique styles. Gone are the big gigantic wedding gowns! In are the soft, billowy, demure gowns and even pants (I love that!!)

So if I were to get married all over again these are the looks I wouldn't be able to walk away from. All photographs are from the BHLDN website.

And my absolutest mostest favoritest: