2012 Pittsburgh Beginner’s DSLR Photography Workshop Reminder & Recap

Well so far I have to say this has been a great year for our DSLR workshop! We'd like to thank every attendee for making it such a success. Just a little reminder that we are having our 3rd workshop at the end of this month and seats are now filling up rather quickly so if you're interested, I'd move kinda fast. Follow this LINK to register.

To give you a little recap of our last workshop, we had a great time going over all the ins and outs of DSLR cameras and the class had a whole bunch of really terrific questions. Unfortunately, due to the temperature, we weren't able to go outside to practice but we did practice inside. John and I also had the attendees take photos of both of us in front of our gigantic windows so that they could figure out how to photograph silhouette photographs. All in all....it was a great day. ;-)

Looking forward to the 31st!