The Frosted Whimsy | Winter Wonderland Photo Session

I did give you a teensy sneak peek of our Winter Wonderland photo shoot but this post will reveal all (muahhhhaaahhhaaa!) From conception to realization this Inspiration Session buzzed with energy. Justine, owner of Beauty Justified, came to me with this idea and once she had her vision mapped out everything just sort of came together overnight. And I mean that....I think it was all of 3 days from finding April, our model, to walking out into a blustery 23 degree day to capture what we could before our fingers and toes fell off. Sheer joy. I kid you not. So ladder, clothes, equipment, gloves and hats later...we were workin' it. I like to bring a lot of warmth and color into my photography so I loved that Justine's idea had absolutely nothing to do with that. It really got me to expand outside my comfort zone and go with the flow of the cooler tones and limited range of coloring. April was also a joy to photograph. She has a natural awareness of her body and her face. We barely had to instruct her. She just brought everything to a whole new level.

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