The Urban Bride

Time for a little more of my Inspiration Session with Justine Lynn, owner of Beauty Justified, April Mason, owner of Mocha Rose Floral Designs and of course April Gildea, our fabulous model. So the first round of photos from this session showed a unique and more casual spin on wedding style. I wanted to really bust away from the traditional white wedding gown but keep some of the basics like a flower piece for the hair and a bouquet. However, for this segment of the session it was all about tradition while mixing in a bit of grunge, which is still a very popular trend right now. We tried to keep the colors soft and pastel to keep everything simple and fresh.

This was probably my favorite photo from this set.

Had to show you the arrangement that Justine put together for April's hair. Just loved it. For both of April's looks we wanted to go over-the-top sort of. We wanted to do a little more than most brides are willing to do.

I loved when we could get April to give us that huge smile! A happy bride makes a pretty photo.

April at Mocha Rose did such a tremendous job of with the flowers. So light and simple, yet colorful. Love!