Vogue-Inspired Bridal Inspiration Session

Wowsa. Wowsa. Wowsa. I don't even know where to begin here. So a few months ago I decided I wanted to start broadening my creative ventures in my Intimates and wedding photography. I started out mostly with the traditional sense of boudoir (lingerie and the intimate apparel usually conjured in your mind when thinking of this type of photography) and as such have really built my entire portfolio around that concept. And being a wedding photographer, it's up to me to photograph others wedding inspirations. It's their wedding so it kinda goes with the territory. :) However, being that I am in a limited space for Intimates and that I have no control over other people's weddings, I felt like I needed to keep changing things up here and there when I could. That's a little easier said than done because typically, what you put out there is what you attract. So I put out a very specific look, so that is the type of client I attract. And it's been wonderful! However trying to attract a larger and more varied clientele is now on my "Dear Universe....may I please have....?" list. :)

So, when I get an idea I'm more of the "Let's do that RIGHT now!" school of thought. What better way to test the waters and stretch my creativity than to create a shoot all on my own? As you know, Justine Kolano and I worked on an Inspiration Session a few days ago and it was entirely designed and styled by Justine. We had such a great time we asked April, our lovely model, to come back on Wednesday for another Inspiration session that kind of got thrown together at the last minute (those are always the best sessions ever). I just heart creating my own side projects because I can control absolutely everything because everyone involved is there for my vision. No paid client, no special event. Just me and my ideas (muahhhhhaaahhhaaa!). It allows me to keep up with trends, try out new trends and new ideas I got all on own (love those). It keeps me fresh and I love that. And thanks to the beautiful floral creations of April Mason, owner of Mocha Rose Floral Designs (and allowing us to use her space as well as all her goodies), the awesome makeup, hair styling and wardrobe assistance of Justine, owner of Beauty Justified, and the talent of our gorgeous model April, it was a magnificent success.

I will be doing a 4 part series with this session because we had 2 outfits that were photographed on April both indoor and outdoor. You are gonna love 'em! But I wanted to start out with my mostest favoritest part of the session: the very last segment before we all headed home. My inspiration for April's outfit was "glam meets casz". I had this lovely flowy gold skirt that screamed glam, the high-heeled studded shoes, a white casual t-shirt, donated by Justine, and I wanted to pull it all together with a mass of gold and pearls around April's neck, the belt to give it a pop of color and I told Justine I wanted April's hair to be high and totally glamorous with a gigantic pile of flowers. Yes, yes it alllllll came together in the loveliness that you see below. I had such a hard time choosing which photos to show in this series because there were so many good ones that looked so similar. A few will look the same but I couldn't help showing the flow of the skirt and the fierceness of April's look. Yummy, tasty, deliciousness.

As you'll see, April has a bouquet here and of course that gorgeous creation in her hair. Although she is not in a wedding gown, it was important to me for this segment of the session to tie everything I love together: Vogue fashion inspiration, Intimates and weddings. I just adore how it all came together.

My mostest favoritest ever.

She moved like water.

Just look at that makeup and hair piece! AAAAHHHHHHH!

April threw together that bouquet in minutes. She's just plain awesome.

And, yes, if you know me at all then you know I have to have just one gigantic, dramatic photograph. Love.