Winter Beauty in the Wonderland | Sneak Peek

EEK! I am so excited to bring you the first 2 photos of a very fun, very fantabulous (and very cold) photo shoot that my good friend and colleague Justine Kolano, owner and lead stylist of Beauty Justified, designed and styled. Justine had a wonderful idea to style April, our lovely model, in a high-fashion, cold-temperate creation for a kind-of-winter-wonderland fabricated shoot. We had a great time and April was a trooper (poor thing wasn't but 100 lbs soak and wet in the toasty warm 20 degrees we had yesterday and I bet she still hasn't thawed out).  We will be doing a 2-part series with April: one you're seeing now and another hopefully this week.

Yes, this is what I do in my off-time. Who needs rest and relaxation when you can jump in and have some off-the-cuff fun like this!