Taking a Little Respite...

What a wonderful year 2011 was and what a fabulous year 2012 already promises to be. I'm just giddy with excitement at what I have in store for myself and our business this year (insert image of me with a huge goober smile from ear to ear here). As I took stock of 2011 and also of how successful January was this year with my Intimates, I decided the Universe was kind enough to sprinkle some of its magic dust on my professional life, so in return, I would take some time off to sprinkle some of my own magic on myself as a big 'ol THANK YA to the Universe. Too new-agey for you? Ah...c'mon...give me a little leeway here...you don't believe what you put out there comes right back at you? U-huh...I thought so. ;-)

So February is now becoming Me-bruary (say that 3 times really fast). I will be taking some time to just snuggle into my family, clean out some closets (you dust bunnies don't stand a chance) and to catch up with some beautiful and special friends I don't give nearly enough of my time to (please don't leave me. I love you. :))

The big challenge for me to take some time off - other than...ya know...actually taking the time off - is slowing down the blogging (I think I just got goosebumps writing this). I will still be blogging, just not my steady, crazy, obsessed 5 times a week (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can). I will be blogging at least 2 times a week, maybe 3 (cross your fingers...I'll need some positive "GET OFF THAT DAGGONE COMPUTER" thoughts sent my way). Ahhhh...such is the life of a workaholic.

Please feel free to keep the emails coming...I had to put my foot down there. I WILL still be answering my emails with my usual superhuman-like lightening speed. And of course, I will still be around for general opinions, comments and my usual butt-in-ness. ;-) I got to be me! I got to be free!

Buuuuuuut in the meantime, I figured I'd leave you with this little slice of heaven. Isn't she gorgeous??

And as a tiny little reminder, if you like us at all (and you know you do) please feel free to "Like" our wedding photography Facebook page as well as my Intimates page (the Universe is watching you).