Weddings at the Priory | Katriona & Joe

I love putting collages together because very little needs to be said to describe what is going here. Obviously photographers are very visual people and it's exciting to put my photographs together that tell a story that can be read just by looking at the photos.

One of my most favorite parts of a wedding day is the time when the bride is getting ready. There is so much excitement and energy. My favorite part is when the bride sees herself for the first time after putting her gown on. It's a very special moment for her and a wonderful moment for me to document. I also love all the details sitting around like shoes, garters, look at you can sum up that it is a very important day. Being a fly on a wall for this is the best job....ever.

This is our first wedding in 2012 and we are THRILLED to be starting our new season. Looking forward to a new year!