Just Be You | Boudoir Photography

Just be you. That's my advice for every client I have ever photographed, no matter what type of photography. So yeah, sometimes that's easier said than done when you're the only one in the room wearing a red lace bra and undies set from VS. But, nonetheless, you have to somehow conjure that side of yourself that just allows you to have fun and make your boudoir experience all that you want it to be. As you can see R did a great job with this. She laughed, she giggled, she rocked out some attitude, she was coy and shy...no matter what, she let her emotions rise to the top and flow right out. It was awesome. This is exactly what made her Intimates Session so successful. She's not a model, she was very nervous and she had the same exact insecurities about her body that all women do. But she put all that aside and just had fun. We both had a blast. So, two things to remember here: 1. Every woman that walks thru my door is nervous and insecure, but every woman walks out feeling confident and empowered. And 2. Allowing your guard to come down and giving yourself permission to relax and have fun can have a huge impact on your session. So make that decision before you walk thru the door and I think you might be surprised at how fun an Intimates Session can be. ;-)

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