2012 Pittsburgh Photography Workshop | Beginner’s DSLR Workshop

Wow! I can't believe the response we have had to these workshops! At this rate folks we will have to open a 3rd! Our first Beginner's workshop on 2/11 is sold out (yay!) but there is still space in the 2/25 Beginner's workshop. So I thought I'd throw out another reminder just in case there are a few of you stragglers that are sitting on the fence about this workshop. I have gotten a few questions lately as to what it's about and who this workshop is for. It is a Beginner's Workshop for those who own a DSLR camera and want to know how to use it. It is for those that have this camera and when they look at it they're not sure if it takes photos or cleans their floors. ;-) So if you're looking at your camera and the first thing you do is scratch your head and poke at it with a stick to see what it does, this workshop is for you!

Some folks know a little more, some a little less. It is really for people that just want to learn the ins and outs of their camera so they can take better photos.

So if that's you, click HERE and register. Hope to see you there!