The Elizabeth Craig Intimates Experience

Lately I've had a lot of questions as to why women want an Intimates Session from me, what the experience is all about and even questions about what kinds of women inquire about setting up a session. All good questions I think so I thought I'd take some time and describe a kind of day-in-the-life.

If you know me at all you know how much I love this part of my work. Simply put, I'm a girlie girl (not afraid to admit that ;-)) and I love photographing women. What's not to like?? We're beautiful, soft, sensual, coy, complicated, shy, bold....we are a conundrum and there's nothing wrong with that. We work hard, we play hard and feel deeply and often have to wear our suit of armor to prove ourselves in this world, all the while maintaining our femininity. It's not easy being us sometimes but I will say it totally rocks to be a woman.

We don't often get a chance to celebrate ourselves fully, to really be a part of something that digs deep and brings our vulnerability to the surface...on purpose. That's what an Intimates Session is all about. It's celebrating you, in your own skin, in that moment in your life. The women I photograph come from all walks of life. Lawyers, mothers, teachers, students, doctors, name it. I photograph the everyday-woman looking to feel fabulous for a day. I often get the comment "I want an Intimates Session but I don't look like the women on your website." My response to that is "Neither do the women on my site." :) But let me clarify: I don't photograph ou to turn you into who you are not. I photograph to bring out the best in you. I do not photograph supermodels. We all have flaws, we all have cellulite (even my 5 year old has cellulite!) but it is my job to creatively pose you in ways that highlight what you love about yourself while also camouflaging what you want downplayed. Technology is awesome! It helps me wipe out cellulite and remove blemishes and scarring. So when I say that the women on my website don't look like themselves either, what I mean is I did my job well. I posed them creatively, I focused on what they love about themselves and hid what they didn't and used my magical software to remove some basic flaws. But it's still you. It's still the same you that went to work that week and rocked it out. It's that same you that kissed your baby's boo boo and sent her on her way. It's that same you that your friends and family love and adore. It's you, just a side of you that doesn't come out to play enough. ;-)

The Elizabeth Craig Intimates Experience is, simply put, awesome (am I being biased here??) Sessions take place in my private studio (some clients do prefer other locations, which I accommodate) and we pretty much have the whole day to just simply pamper you. My preferred stylist Justine, owner of Beauty Justified, will talk about your makeup and what you like, your hair and what you're thinking with styles. I will set up your private dressing area and hang your clothes, put out all the shoes and jewelry. We will discuss your outfits, what looks you want to try, what your style is. It is a collaborative effort that brings it all together to create a fun and energy-filled experience.

I would say that most women do these sessions because they want a lovey gift to give to their significant other. However, I have a lot of women that just come in to take some time to be good to themselves and I just love that. I don't think we get enough of that. We women tend to wear a lot of hats during our day and being good to yourself can get put on the back burner for sure. Your experience with me is about making you feel powerful, comfortable, beautiful and confident. It's not just me taking photos of you. It is an experience and every woman I have ever photographed has always said "I'm so glad I did this" as they're walking out the door and it makes my day every single time.

So...maybe it's time you took your hats off, laid your suit of armor to rest and took a little time for yourself. A little time to Get Intimate. ;-)