2011 Weddings in Review | Pittsburgh | Slideshow

It has taken some time to put this together, let me tell you (and I'm not ashamed to admit it took at least 2 yrs off my life to complete it). We had such a wonderful year, thanks to all the truly magnificent, kind and fun couples we had the pleasure of photographing this past year. We have been truly honored to spend time with each and every one of you. So I give you all this slideshow (see link below) covering most of our weddings for the year of 2011. I couldn't fit them all and if your wedding is not in this line up please do not be offended. Honestly, after sitting for 2 days trying to put this together I just finally had to give in and call it quits. Some of these photos you've seen, some you haven't. So enjoy!

This slideshow is almost 16 minutes long so I recommend getting comfy, sitting down with a glass of wine and just get ready to dream. :)

Thank you for such an amazing year!

To view this awesome slideshow click HERE.