A NEW New Year

Well I hope everyone had a fantabulous New Year celebration! We decided to stay low-key this year and John, our daughter Ella and myself had a fun-filled day including homemade pizza, a lovely tea party and the making of our very own party hats and noise-makers....ahhh...parenthood. Nothing like it. :) As the weekend wore on, the more John and I started talking about this upcoming new year and what changes, additions and fun plans we might consider throwing into the mix. Throughout our conversations I kept getting excited when talking about our big dreams and big plans. That's the lovely part of owning your own business: you can dream BIG...I mean B.I.G. Even if some of those dreams don't come to fruition, it gives some wonderfully decadent ideas to chew on in the night when you just can't sleep. John and I are incredibly blessed and not a wee but lucky with our business: things just seem to happen organically for us in our business. We simply put our ideas out into the universe and walk away. Right when we're not looking, it all just kind of comes back to us.

As we talked and dreamed I realized a kind of theme was floating to the surface of my thoughts. I tend to dream pretty big and my ideas will often keep me up nights just piling big on top of big. So I have come up with a new motto for myself for 2012: Go Big or Go Home. If you know me at all, this motto is not a stretch in the least. :)

So this year is all about stretching my creativity and expanding my skills and talents in my off time, of which there is very little of. I found in 2011 that when I had the chance to be a part of or create an Inspiration Session my creative juices just wouldn't stop. Every nerve-ending was on fire. I liked that. So this year, I'm dipping my whole foot into that pond and plan to have some fun with some of my ideas and that will include both wedding inspirations as well as my Intimates photography. I'm not sure how it will all pan out but I do see a few shoots revolving around the concept of water, a few shoots with the concept of movement and color and all of them outdoors. Being an Intimates and wedding photographer in Pittsburgh can be a little difficult if you like shooting outdoors. Our busy season is also during the only season when shooting outside is possible...hence my indoor studio for Intimates. But the great outdoors are calling me and every idea I have involves the timeless and lovely Mother Nature so who am I to fight the universe?

So keep your eyes peeled because I have no plans to "Go Home". ;-)