Have a Photo on Us!

Well Happy Turkey Week to all of you! ;-) I'm happy to report that one of my favorite holidays is on its way this week (gobble gobble!) but also have to report that because of this lovely holiday I will be taking the rest of the week off from blogging (OK--no joke: I'm being held captive by my husband. He is forcing me into not blogging the rest of the week. He keeps saying something about sanity and vacation...time with family....enjoy the holiday....SOMEONE HELP!!!!) Ahem...moving on... So in light of the beginning of the Giving Thanks season we would like to give away a photo of Pittsburgh Light Up Night from November 18, 2011. John, my fantastically talented husband, took this photo and we want to share it with you! John also posted another photo on his blog so if you want 2 make sure to visit his post.

For a high-resolution copy of the image above just follow this link.

I will be back on Monday (or before if I can sneak to the computer while John is looking the other way ;-)) with some fabulous announcements about our upcoming 4th annual Beginner's Photography Workshop being held this February and.....drum roll please.....my 3rd annual Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography Special being held in January (bow chicca bow wow).

So, we wish you all a very warm, lovely and Happy Thanksgiving. May the time you spend with your families be rich in love, laughter and a ton of booze!