St. Paul Cathedral Wedding Photography | Nicole & Frank

It's.Just.So.MAJESTIC! Love love love photographing at St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland. The lighting is so beautiful (it helps that the stone is such a light color as well) and everywhere you just keeps getting better. I mean, look at this! And let me be clear here...I only upped a little clarity and a touch of contrast so do you see that blue sky?? It proves we do get to see the sun occasionally here in the 'Burgh.

OK--the goopy girlie girl inside of me just l.o.v.e.d Nicole's choice of program. Men--you may not notice this but we gals did immediately....the ribbons are strung like the corset on the back of a wedding gown!!! How perfect! Love!

And I also loved Nicole's & Frank's choice in wedding bands. So simple, so classic.

This little man was in my viewfinder allllll day long. Ai yai yai I could have photographed him all day he was such a cutie (and his brother too!) Such a sweetie! This is one of Frank's sons and here you see him reading the card that Nicole gave to Frank before she walked down the aisle. It was such a joy to see how excited they were to watch their father marry Nicole.

And here is one of the many moments brides go to bed dreaming about every night...the entrance (insert fancy shmancy French accent here). Nicole was such a classic beauty. She was Audrey Hepburn for a day.

And this says it all for Nicole and her family. As she was walking down the aisle no one could contain themselves and every single camera known to man was out in full force capturing her loveliness.

St. Paul simply never disappoints the camera.

And here's another little cutie I could have squeezed all day. Every time I see a little one in a dress like that it reminds me of our daughter. Princess for a day!

Love when we get these kinds of photos!!!