Autumn Engagement Photography | Pittsburgh

Well we have just had a wonderful time lately photographing a bunch of Engagement Sessions for this Fall season. Usually in the beautiful 'Burgh the leaves and gorgeous color leave us around the 3rd week in October but we've been lucky enough this year that everything is still hanging on with all its might. The sun has been absolutely spectacular lately and the sky as blue as you can get. So when we met Amy & Josh at one of my most favorite places to photograph, aka Mellon Park, I was raring to go! John & I got there ahead of time to scout out some new locations and we found some lovely little grotto areas that were so colorful and bursting with the crispness of Autumn.

We all know how much I love those huge photos. Add a little sun flare and you have an Elizabeth Favorite!

Here is what I also love about Mellon Park so much: there is a doggie park too! Every time we are there we run into the friendliest, most adorable pups ever.

Meet Wellsley Warhol. Eat you up with a spoon Wellsley!

And meet Buddy: a rescued dog found wondering the streets. Cuddle up on you till the cows come home Buddy!

All together now...SUN FLARE! YAY!

Check this tree out. LOVE this tree. Want to curl up under this tree and read things like Shakespeare, Bronte and Stephanie Meyer (ok...I'm a Twillight fan...sue me). Twisted and lovely. This tree is crazy beautiful!