Light & Love | Engagement Photography

What an evening it was last night to photograph an Engagement Session. This is the 2nd time we tried this one with Chelsea & Chris and about the 5th re-schedule. Mother Nature has been quite wet for the last month and a half and it has wreaked havoc on our outdoor attempts at photography. But not last night! Not only was the weather beautiful but the light was gloriously golden. Such a warm glow and we loved just soaking it alllll up. What a glow!

Found a nice neat pile of kick about.

Sometimes backlight is your friend.


Sometimes I just can't help but photograph some things around me as we're shooting and this little guy just warmed my heart.

And you never know what you'll run into. We are lucky enough to have a studio in a very friendly area. There have been times as we were shooting that we've been offered a glass of wine, to come into someone's back yard and photograph in their fabulous garden or just even to sit on a stoop and chat for a moment. Someone must have had a good crop of jalapenos in their garden because they set them out for the taking. Sweet (or spicy, rather)!

Just look at this guy! Awesome! I shall name him Finn.

A 'lil night photography in one of the most beautiful cities ever.

Thank you Chelsea & Chris!