The Guys | Karen & Matt | Pittsburgh

Yup. The Guys. Since I'm such a girlie girl, I tend to focus quite a bit on the girls for my posts. Can you blame me?? The beautiful hair, makeup, the dress, flowers, details....*sigh*....I could get married all over again. So this post is dedicated to The Guys from Karen & Matt's wedding day. These guys were a riot and the antics just kept on coming.

Look at this little guy! I just want to eat him up!

How can you have a wedding day without cigars? I ask you?So here I told the guys to just walk to me and I figured I'd get a few nice shots of them just casually walking through the leaves...u-huh. I thought wrong. This is what I got...slooooowwwww mooottttiooonnn smart-ass groomsmen creeping towards me. Can't help but giggle. ;-)

And who can pass up an opportunity for a sneak attack right hook when no one is looking...except the photographer....capturing you...knocking out your new brother-in-law. love.

What a cutie, huh??

John took this one but as you can see Matt is looking at me...who knows what I did to get the "You better behave yourself" look but I'm sure I deserved it. ;-)

And I have no idea what is going on here but so glad John caught it.

Next up: a little ride with some alpacas. Tee hee! Stay tuned!