Love in Autumn | Engagement Photography

You may have noticed that I have been posting quite a few photos from quite a few Engagement Sessions lately. Yes, the Autumn colors seem to bring everyone out in an attempt to capture some of that crisp, bright and colorful stuff that Mother Nature does so well. So we were happy to go play in some leaves and play with pumpkins for Mike & Mel's E-Session last night. Even though the skies were a bit dark, when Mel told me they had carved pumpkins to use in a few photos I was so giddy. Now, I'm not sure if you know this about me but starting in late September I start to get a bit goggly-eyed because I so heart the holidays. I mean, I.Heart.The.Holidays. My birthday is in late September, then you get all of October to celebrate Fall and Halloween (and now that I have a daughter to dress up...I'm just off my rocker with glee!). November rolls around just in time to share in some family goodness (when I can't hold Thanksgiving at my home I honestly get a wee bit depressed. :( ) and then....oh my...the pièce de résistance...CHRISTMAS!!!!! SANTA!!!!! BELLS RINGING, CHILDREN SINGING, RED, GREEN AND GOLD A'BLINGING....*sigh*....yep. I like Christmas a little (and again, now that I have a partner in crime, aka Ella, it really IS the most wonderful time of year!) OK. So I'm getting a little ahead of myself here (I'm actually dancing in my computer chair right now) so let me get back to Mike & Mel.

So yes, Mother Nature showed up at her best last night. There were so many lovely muted greens and yellows out yesterday I just had the camera gobble it all right up.

And then, out came these out-of-this-world adorable pumpkins that Mel & Mike carved themselves for their session. Just look at them! Amazing!

How sweet!