Artistic Nude Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates

OK--so I know by now you're thinking I'm obsessed with Erica. You're right. I don't normally post this much with a subject but as you've seen with my session with Erica, it was very unique in that we did so many different styles. We did pin-up, a bit more hardcore, nudes and even a series with a mink wrap that belonged to her Great-Grandmother. So I hope you're not getting bored! Hold on tight...more to come. So I gave you a little teaser of some stunning artistic nude photography of Erica but below are a set of my favorite nudes of Erica (I have a brilliant window series coming up as well). This was probably one of my favorite sets because of how soft and sensual they are. My goal for this was to show a vulnerable side of Erica. I wanted something to be totally opposite of the fierce series we did earlier that day.

I loved the warmth of these photos. Erica had beautiful, soft, buttery bronze skin and it just melted in with the warm glow of the sun and the hardwood flooring. I was also mesmerized by her soft curves that contrasted spectacularly with the harsh angles of the window shadowing on the floor around her.

Next up...mink or window. Can't decide yet.