Heinz Chapel Weddings | Marriott Renaissance | Laura & Zack

Ahhhh...the details. The details. The details. The details. How you all know how much I love the details. Laura was a girl after my own heart. Not only do I love details, and Laura had so many lovely details, but I also love a girl that knows how to pamper herself on her wedding day. Laura made sure that her day was chock full of beauty, fashion and comfort. Yes, comfort. You can look like a million bucks and still be comfortable during your wedding day, as Laura has proven so elegantly. First off, check out that amazing dress. It is so lovely, flowy and enchanting. I was so pleased to hear that Laura chose a gown that was designed by Eugenia Couture. Now, I love Eugenia Couture designs, they are truly magical, but what I love most is that Eugenia Couture is in Pennsylvania. Wouldn't think such gloriousness could come out of the hills of good 'ol PA. Well, you were wrong.

And check out the TOMS! Oh my yes. These shoes are all the newest rage and Laura was smart enough to bring these along for the reception so she could dance yet still be fashionable and comfy. Nice touch. I know that you know how popular these are right now...but did you also know that TOMS actually has a wedding collection??

So yes, the TOMS were for the reception but Ms. Laura did not skimp on the wedding attire. Oh Badgley Mischka, how I love thee.

And of course I love Heinz Chapel. We have probably photographed a million weddings there and it just never gets old.