Marriott Renaissance Weddings | Gone with the Wind | Laura & Zack

Yes...gone with the wind. So there we were, standing on a lovely balcony. Mother Nature had finally given us somewhat of a break as the rain had paused for a moment. We're workin' it, we're getting those magical photos.... ...and all of a sudden....a gust of wind comes flying up the building and before we could even think twice, there goes Laura's beautiful veil...up off her head.......floating down.......down...14 the ground.

So...what's a photographer to do? Well...take more magical photos!

And before we knew it, Tony Lee, the wedding coordinator at the Renaissance, came right out on the balcony with...guess what? Tony Lee to the rescue!!!

Going to a pretty balcony to take a few photos could have been just a minor detail of the day. Now it's a funny, cute story about a veil on the run and a coordinator in shining armor. Not bad!