Pin-Up Boudoir Photography | Bringin' Out the Big Guns

Yes, yes, yes....time for a little more Erica. What I loved most about this session with Erica was that I had the chance to really get out of my comfort zone. One of those details included using a white backdrop, which I have never done in my Intimates photography (white wall, whited out background, no) but a lot of Erica's looks really needed that powerful bleached out background and I loved it. As you can see from most of my Intimates photography, the general theme is usually "softness" and I always shied away from a total whiteout because it seems more vivid to me than I usually like. But I really thought Erica's look needed something a bit more powerful. Not only was the background something new for me but all of Erica was new to me. ;-) What I wanted to do most with Erica was to encompass the complete duality and complexity of femininity. I wanted to enhance softness while being bold and in-your-face. I wanted to show her sexuality coupled with soft curves and I wanted most of all to show her uninhibited fierceness and power as a young woman.

Enter Gun Shoes. When I saw these I about flipped! I mean, check these out ladies! There is no one, and I mean no one, that could pull these off except Erica. If any other woman had walked in with these I would have probably never even given them a second look but with Erica, they were an absolute must. Talk about being FIERCE!

Just look at that caboose! Good Golly Miss Molly. WOWSA.

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