The Grand Hall at the Priory Weddings | Justina & Bud

Now, we all know that I love my job. I mean, the universe simply could not have chosen a better occupation for me. I am such a girl....I just heart weddings. I love the excitement, the details, I love that everyone is dressed in their Sunday best, I love all the hugs, the laughs, the could I not love what I do?? Never met a wedding yet that I didn't want to photograph. And I seriously love when a family has a lot of traditions that I can share with you. Justina & Bud's day was just magnificent and what made it so magnificent was the people that were surrounding them all weekend. As I said before, there is a lot to tell you about this wedding so this will be a longer post and it will be so worth it!

First let's talk about Justina's Dad. Every daughter should get to grow up with this kind of Daddy (thank my lucky stars our daughter gets to do just that). I'm not sure who was more excited about this day...Justina or her Dad. He was such a gigantic part of the day. He had a huge personality and a huge love to share with everyone. He also simply could not keep from crying all day long. It.Was.Absolutely.A d o r a b l you'll see.

Just look at him! Not only did he LOVE getting his photo taken but he was also behind the camera every chance he got. And the women just loved this guy! He treated every single one of Justina's friends as if they were his own daughter.

And here is the basket of prosciutto sandwiches, which you'll see is a big family tradition later.

As I said before, Justina's Dad was incredibly proud of his daughter and he really couldn't have been more in love with his new son-in-law. Tears, tears and more tears....what a Dad.

And Justina is one lucky gal...not only does she have a Dad that considers her his entire world, but she also married a guy that is just plain gaga for her. These 2 were so sweet just lit up my heart.

And Bud's sweetness wasn't just extended to the new #1 woman in his was also apparent that he saved a special place for the one woman that would always mean the world to him...his mama. here was honest to goodness the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed at a wedding. Of course Justina's Dad knew he was to dance a very special dance with his very special daughter, but what he didn't know was that she gave the band a recording of her singing the Whitney Houston song "Saving All My Love for You"...from when she was 3 years old!!!

And here is his first reaction upon realizing this....

And it just keeps getting better and better...

And better...

And better...

Now, along with all the other wedding traditions that have been passed down through the Rossi family, this is probably the funnest. The band that was hired to play at this wedding is the same band that is hired to play at every Rossi wedding. Every. Rossi. Wedding. And boy were they a good time. There is a special tradition that goes along with the song "Shout" and although John and I had no idea of the tradition, we quickly caught on and holy cork was it fun to capture this. Anyone who wanted to just got down on their backs, feet kicking in the air...and everyone did it and it was fantastic!

Justina's Grandad and the singer, who is practically part of the family...

Justina and her mom!

The male relatives....

Even the girls got in on the fun!

And of course, Justina & Bud!

And the "throwing of the prosciutto". If you're unfamiliar with old Italian traditions, in Italy way back in the day, the only people at a wedding that got fed were the bride, groom and the wedding party. So little old women would make hundreds of prosciutto sandwiches and during the reception they would throw the sandwiches in the air to the crowd. And this has been a tradition in the Rossi family since...well...forever. So here is Justina's brother continuing that tradition. What a great way to end the night! A little snack for your guests...not a bad idea!

Oh yeah....Justina was getting in on that action!

Lots more to come folks!