Wedding Rehearsal Dinner | Justina & Bud

So I gave you a teeny tiny sneak peek of Justina & Bud's wedding day but I would like to take a moment to rewind back to their rehearsal dinner. We don't have many couples hire us for their rehearsal dinner but I was so thrilled when Justina decided she wanted photography coverage of her special event. Justina & Bud had a HUGE wedding so they really wanted to celebrate just one night with those they are closest with (about 75 people...yes...they are a very popular couple) so they put together a gorgeous, intimate, lovely and fun dinner at Justina's sister-in-law's house and it was just perfect. As you can see below it was fun, sweet, so romantic and the warmth and love I could feel from every person that was so genuinely giddy to be a part of this couple's wedding weekend was so touching. It was so lovely, so heartwarming and such a privilege to be a fly on a wall and get the chance to see all this unbound, unabashed love. I loved every moment. On wedding days the timing is usually so rushed, there are so many worries, so many details to consider and letting your hair down typically either comes muuuuuuch later in the night at the reception or sometimes not even until the next day. So being able to capture these glimpses with everyone only concerning themselves with the company they were in was....magical.