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So how about a wee bit more from Kalee & Mike's wedding? Well...ok...a little more than a "wee bit". This was such a fun day I'm just going to go ahead and post a bunch. Awww....a little bit of Momma love. Best kind of love out there.

This was at the end of the ceremony and as you can see, sometimes reality sets in and it's so fun to pick that up on my camera.

Love the giggles. LOVE the giggles!

Juuuuuust when you're not paying attention, you turn to your right and John snaps off art. Love it.

I know this is super-posed but I just couldn't help but post this. I really loved everyone piled all over that truck.

And I REALLY love when we capture moments like these next few. Tell a couple you have to check something on your camera and you will most likely get something romantic or funny when they're not paying attention.

Who puts a bride in a bathtub and calls it art?

"I. Do." Ta hahaha Tee hee hee hee bah ahahahaha....that's a knee slapper! (For those of you not paying attention, read Kalee's shoes in the photo below. Then go slap yourself upside your head because I had to explain that to you).


Momma pride!

Good speeches always bring tears AND laughter.

This was the part when Mike finally gave Kalee her wedding gift...and what do you think it was?

For a hug like this it better be good!

And it was...a THIRD ring for Kalee's wedding set. Nice job Mike!

Kalee thought she was getting the upper hand here.


Payback hurts sometimes though doesn't it?

A little more Momma love.

C'mon. We've all been here for this kind of Momma love. Goes to show you, you're not even safe on your wedding day from the icky wet finger of a Momma going in for the face wipe (snicker snicker).

These flower girls were so fun to photograph. Look at that jump!

Turnabout is fairplay.

Not too far into the reception Kalee opted for more "comfy" bride attire. It's your day girl!

See you next time Armstrong Farms!