Growing Up Way Too Fast

So I don't normally take too much space on my blog to brag about my daughter (but you can witness this unabashed bragging HERE and HERE and HERE ;-)) but since it's her first day of Kindergarten I figure you can't have too much cuteness on a Thursday, right? So I'll spare you the photos of the adorable, teary-eyed, blubbering Daddy from this morning (aka: John) and begin with Ella and her special "I'm going to Kindergarten today!" breakfast (Yes. Call me crazy. I took photos of my daughter eating her milestone breakfast. I don't care.)

And what was her special "I'm going to Kindergarten today!" breakfast, you ask?? Scrambled eggs and pancakes WITH powdered sugar AND red sprinkles. Oh yes I did.

*Sigh*. Daddy's "First Look". Hee hee...the next "First Look" he gets will be on her wedding day (insert photo of me crying my eyes out here).

Daddy's little girl...

Yes, yes, I'm cute Mommy. I know. Can we go now??

Really. Seriously...can we go now?? (John waited all morning for this one silhouette shot :))

On our way to the bus stop!

Patiently (not really) waiting.

OK. Please quit taking photos of me mom.


Hi Mr. School Bus Driver! I'm so nervous...but in all fairness Daddy and Ella were too. :)

Bye Mommy & Daddy! I'll miss you....not!

To all of those waiting for return phone calls and emails today please note: John and Elizabeth will be curled up in the fetal position crying their eyes out until at least 12pm today. We kindly appreciate your patience.