Pittsburgh Engagement Photography | Marci & David

I know that I briefly introduced you to Marci & David but I was going thru their photos again and fell in love with these 2 below. Marci & David were a lot of fun to photograph because they had no problem being intimate and sweet with each other while the camera was near them. They had a natural chemistry and that seemed to get picked up easily. We'll be photographing Marci & David's wedding next year and in the meantime they'll be living in Sweden, David's stomping ground. :) I'd like to say to Marci & David that if they decide to get married in Sweden or have a second ceremony in Sweden I just so happen to know 2 really amazing photographers from the States that would be available for travel. ;-) Just sayin'....

It was getting really dark when I finished up the session with this set. I had my friend and colleague Alisa holding some off-camera lighting for me and I loved the low lighting here. It seemed to make this so romantic and the line of rocks just makes it for me.

Thanks Marci & David! Can't wait for the wedding.

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