Retro Glamour Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates

Gooooood morning everyone. ;-) I have been waiting and waiting to wrap up my Engagement/Wedding Inspiration Session with Abby & Jesse for a while now and I think this is the grand finale, if you ask me. To end our session Abby & I thought throwing in a few retro-style glam photos would be saaaweet! With Abby's style of hair that day (thank you Justine of Beauty Justified!) the vintage look wasn't a far stretch. The sun was setting very quickly (I wish we were able to start this part of the day so much earlier! Getting to photograph Abby outside was wonderful but went WAY too fast...) but we were able to snap off a few cuties.

Abby had this adorable little shirt, which we, of course, used as a dress. ;-)

Couldn't help but use this side of a shed as a backdrop. It matched Abby's shirt perfectly.

Such a cute peek-a-boo shot. :)

OK, OK....yes, these photos are VERY "done". I just couldn't help myself. They just begged for something retro, vintage....something way overdone to be applied to them. I either turned these last 2 photos into art or a mess. You decide. :)

And I'll leave you with this beautiful landscape photo of the area we were photographing in right before dark. John took this one....just lovely. :)

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