Engagement & Wedding Inspiration Session | Pittsburgh

Yep--I have more to show you from Abby & Jesse's Engagement & Wedding Inspiration Session. :) To take a gander at the 2 previous posts go here and here. So I'm going to keep my comments short because every time I talk about this session all I do is gush like a little school girl (not embarrassed one bit) because of all the heavenly details (and not to mention the most gorgeous couple....ever). So have fun taking in all the deets and all the whimsical charm of this session. I had more fun then a human should be allowed photographing all of this. :)

Here we are with this amazing light again. We tried to time the shoot just right so that we could capture certain parts with the sun in certain positions to make sure we got lots of different looks. The bottom photo was at sunset so the warmth and glow was just stunning. Just look at that glow around their heads. And again with that centerpiece from April Mason at Mocha Rose. Simply unbelievable and AGAIN with the sun coming in behind giving that warm glimmer.

And of course thank you again to Justine Lynn, owner of Beauty Justified for making Abby to ridiculously gorgeous! And there is that lavender oil bottle again. Can you believe Abby did those labels herself? AND the crepe cake....Abby's mom helped her with that one and I firmly believe I should be allowed to eat that for breakfast EVERY morning. It.was.delectable. I could have eaten the whole thing myself. :)