Flowers Can Make Any Wedding a Success

When I thought about posting this very simple photo, I was just going to use one word: Love (because I am so in love with this bouquet). But then I realized there could be a little more of a post in here so now I'm going to elaborate a bit. Wedding flowers are so much more fabulous now than they have ever been. Florists are become so incredibly creative with their choices and a lot more daring. I love when I walk into a church and see the bride's and bridesmaids' flowers just exploding with color. We photographers like color!

It can be tough deciding where to put your money for your wedding details. Weddings are expensive! Attach the word "wedding" to any product or service and you have just increased it's value by about 400%. I'm not saying it's not worth it (ahem...especially for your photography ;-)) but it makes budget-conscious couples uneasy to think about where to put their money. Well, I don't know if you know this but I've been to a few weddings in my time (tee hee) and I want to tell you that if you cannot afford many details at your wedding, your best bet is to invest in your flowers. Skimp on the favors, make the wedding cake just the teensiest bit smaller if you have to, but don't pass up the opportunity to really make your wedding a success with unique and colorful flowers.

Trust me it's worth it. They are colorful, they are bright, they smell good, they're actually ALIVE (can't say that for the mints or chocolates you painstakingly shoved into that custie little bag in the middle of the night while cussing your maid of honor for ditching you to "wash her hair") and even psychologically they just make you happy! I have never heard a guest say "WOW! Did you see that table marker?? It's STUNNING!" But I have heard "HOLY CORK! Just LOOK at those flowers! I hope they let us take a centerpiece home with us!" Now, I'm not saying that favors and table markers aren't important, they are! Every detail of a wedding is important because once you add them all up together, it creates the ambiance of your room for your guests for the night. But I am saying that if you're thinking of spreading your money thinly around to have a little bit if everything, just consider the age-old saying "It's not quantity that's important, but quality."

Just a little tip. :)


For anyone interested, this was one of the incredible bouquets created for a recent wedding of ours by Michael at Blooms.