Pittsburgh Wedding Inspiration Session | New Hazlett Theater

I know you saw a little bit from my previous post on the New Hazlett Theater Inspiration Session I was lucky enough to do in coordination with April Mason from Mocha Rose and I wanted to post a little more. This shoot was so awesome because it really had such a darker, yet more colorful, feel to the overall look of the environment. My favorite part was the ginormous brick wall that actually had floors to it that I could have everyone perch upon for some awesome shots. Thank you Alex from New Hazlett Theater for allowing us access to this uber-cool space!

April called in a previous couple of hers as well as a friend and we just had a ball. :) Everyone looked so beautiful, thanks to Erica Pallerino from Pretty Hair Salon, and the details on the table were magnificent, thanks to April, Kristen from All Occasions and Mosaic, Inc. So many people pulled together for this one and it turned out so amazing.