Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Erik & Stephanie

Yes, it's all in the moments and details of a wedding day. Meet Stephanie. We had the most absolute pleasure of photographing Stephanie & Erik's wedding day this past weekend and all I can say is FUN. Everywhere I turned there was a smile, a giggle, a hug or kiss. As you can see below Stephanie has a terrific smile. ;-) We must have a billion photos showing that scrunched up face with that gigantic smile. It doesn't get any better than that. I'm sure you won't believe me, but I swear every day I wake up to a wedding work day, my first thought is of the bride. :) Her nerves, her excitement, the butterflies and the little girl inside her jumping up and down with glee. The first thing I do is look out the window to check the weather for her. The second thing I do is give her a little smile and thought of encouragement. Like I said--bet you won't believe me but it's true. Guess that's why I'm in the wedding biz. ;-) Suppose it suits my insanely romantic nature...not to mention the girlie girl in me (which is most of me ;-)) One of my favorite parts of the day is photographing all the details and the story of the bride while she's getting ready. There are so many sweet moments to capture, usually accompanied by jokes, prodding and giggling. Not a bad way to spend my working day. ;-)

So here are a few details and a few moments of Stephanie's start to her day.  One thing I should mention that you don't see is that when I walked into the condo at The Priory that the women were using to get ready, I walked right into a table filled with silent women as they watched Stephanie practice her vows as her mom stepped in for Erik. I never said a word, never missed a beat. I just swung my camera around and began photographing it. It was so serendipitous to have walked in at that moment.