Romantic Wedding Photography | Inspiration Session | Pittsburgh

Drum roll please! I'd like to give you a lovely and fabulous blog post highlighting some of the wonderfully creative details of Abby & Jesse's Engagement/Wedding Inspiration session! There really is a lot more to come with this but I believe this will give you a good peek into the theme of this day: Vintage meets Hollywood Glam in a Dream of Wheat! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oooh yeah. ;-) As I said before, I was simply drooling over all the details that Abby put into this session. As a matter of fact I was searching my brain trying with all my might to think of ANY reason in the world to throw ANY kind of party just so I could have her design it. Seriously--I would just hand her gobs of cash, not wanna know a thing and just show up. I would even let her just pick a dress for me too. She is that terrific (and I know I mentioned this before but I will say it again--SHE'S FOR HIRE!!!! If you want any event or wedding to be the most unique you've ever gawked over, hire Abby. HIRE ABBY!!!!) And Jesse's no slouch either! Again--see the painting above the table that Abby and Jesse are sitting at?? That's his. He painted it. AMAZING!

And seriously folks, check out that boutonniere! April Mason from Mocha Rose was kind enough to work with us on this and all Abby told her was the color scheme and theme and BAM! April delivered. And I mean WOW. I was so in love with every arrangement she made.

Oh, and do you see that Ostrich egg? Yep, it's real AND Abby's mom used a method called Pisanki to decorate it. It's a tradition in their family. The women in her family decorate eggs for holidays (it's actually a method of using colored hot wax to decorate each They are so beautiful!

Just look at this madness! That's the table marker that Abby made that also happens to match the invitations she made herself. And it was Abby's idea to hang thick, long ribbons from the tree branches to create a whimsical and romantic backdrop. I'd say she did a good job on that one. I love the dramatic nature of her dip with Jesse.  So romantical!

I know you might not be able to see all the details but LOOK at that gown! I loved that Abby wanted to incorporate a totally non-traditional wedding gown into this session. She has said when she and Jesse marry, this will be the type of gown she wears. You'll notice it's tri-colored and I adored the gold, copper and deep purple that all pulled together so beautifully. And, as you can tell, that was the color scheme that Abby put together for all the details of this session.

Inside of her uncle's barn there was the most magical and warm light you'd ever want to see. Couple that with a gold reflector (thank you David!) and oh my yumminess. It's the kind of light a photographer just dreams about. I loved the darker, more mysterious look of the photos inside the barn. It gave a lovely contrast to the brightness of the photos outside.

What incredible details, right? Abby really enjoys essential oils so she thought it would make a wonderful favor to fill small bottles with lavender oil. Fabulous idea! She made her own labels and tags, which you'll see a little more closely in another post. And that bouquet was just amazing. It smelled so fantastic and was just the perfect accent to the gold, copper and purple surrounding the session. April did an amazing job of adding some lighter colors that really brought you back around to the palette of wheat. And there is one of the invitations that Abby made! She designed, created and printed her own. Below you'll see one of the envelopes she wrote in calligraphy. I want to be this talented.

*Sigh****just look at her there. What I loved about this photo was the rigid lines of the wood coupled with the curves of Abby's body. It all just seemed to melt together. And there is the envelope! I actually thought that was a font I could totally steal but when I asked Abby where she got it I was informed that that is her writing. Unbelievable.

And a few more scrumptious details here. Again...the eggs. I swear they could sell those for a million bucks! So colorful and they fit right in with the whole nature/farm scheme. Awesome addition! And this was one of Abby's table settings. These plates are all from a vintage, antique collection of Abby's that she's been collecting for a long time. You probably can't notice on the big table shot above but Abby made sure to match only a dish or two. She wanted the color scheme to stay the same (golds, coppers, greens and purples) but wanted the eclectic nature of a more mismatched look. I thought that was a unique detail. I don't believe I've ever been to a reception where the plates haven't been painstakingly matched.

We took a lot of photos outside of the barn and also just walked all over two of the three floors to make sure we got all the good nooks and crannies. :) There was this tiny little rickety staircase and I loved the light shining in from a window. Couldn't pass it up. And the disarray of the interior of the barn turned out to make very striking backdrops. Abby's uncle is in the process of renovating the barn and this was a level he hadn't gotten to yet and there were pieces of old furniture sitting around, large vintage signs set up against the walls and basically just a bunch of stuff hanging around. It was perfect. ;-) You can also see a little more detail in Abby's gown (stunning!) and her hair and makeup. Thank you again to Justine Lynn, owner of Beauty Justified, for your talent!

And again, the Just Married sign. I love that Abby continued to tie in a rustic look with everything, yet kept it all so artful. Jesse actually painted this. Amazingly adorable, right??

Yes, much more to come (including a touch of retro-Intimates... ;-))