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So I have touched on Mindy & Ed quite a lot over the last year and as you can see there is just a lot to talk about when it comes to these two! A fun and colorful Engagement Session and TONS of details and yummies from their wedding day but I just could not resist one final post on the music at their reception. It was a packed, rockin' night. I actually wished I could have just put my camera down and joined in on all the fun (and knowing Mindy & Ed that would have been not only accepted but totally recommended ;-)) So let's start with the band: No Bad JuJu. Ok...WOW. WOW. WOW! This band was so much fun. They kept the dancefloor totally packed and the music flowing all night long. And one thing: John and I have been around way too many bands and DJs that just want to blow your ears off your head with not a care as to what they even sound like but I can say that was not the case with this band. Their volume was perfect and they had a terrific flow and rhythm with each other that was very obvious and really came thru in each and every song. I HIGHLY recommend them for your whatever event you're having! And a little sidenote: Any rock band with a horn section is a rock band that means business. That was my favorite part!

Can't resist....these 2 ladies just made my night... :)

I don't care what anyone says: trumpets are sexy. There, I said it.

Yes, that goes for trombones too...I'm not afraid to say it.

And what was SO CRAZY COOL about this reception too was that Ed's family is full of musicians! Every time I looked up there was another cousin or brother up there with some instrument getting crazy with the band. It was awesome.

Here is Ed's cousin...this was so cool. As you can see he's playing a ukulele and he was singing one of my favorite songs, "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson and it was just fantastic.

And then I look up and it's Ed's brother gettin' busy on the bass guitar! Nothing sexier than a man with a kippah and bass...

Just look at all this fun...it was absolute chaos and as you can see from Ed & Mindy's face it got a little scary at times. ;-)

A bride sitting in the center of a circle with crazy drunk people dancing around her. Yep, it's a party now...

I guess Mindy figured "If you can't beat 'em...." ;-)

And then when you least expect it ED HIMSELF gets up on that stage and starts playing and singing. WOW!

And as you can see it was a crowd pleaser!

And of course...the proud wife.

That's right Ed...show 'em who's boss!