A Discussion about a DJ and a Dinner Plate: Update

Just a little add-on to my post below. :) After posting the post below I don't think you can even imagine the number of comments I got on my Facebook page from other vendors. I am pleased to report to all you brides and grooms out there that lots and lots and lots of vendors came forth to agree with me and that's GREAT news for you! ;-) I was so so so pleased to get the comment below from a previous bride of ours. It was such a wonderfully warm and kind comment I had to share it with you. Thank you Heather! You totally made my day!

"I have to say Elizabeth, that from a past client perspective - this is a great post. I must add, that I knew you were the artists I wanted from your website, but I walked away from our initial meeting telling Dan that "when I'm in a panic on my wedding day, and something's gone wrong - that's the person I want there. She will make it better, not worse." I was blessed to have a "near perfect" wedding experience (as far as I know) but your kindness, patience and efficiency made it a very pleasant experience as well."

Wow. I am such a lucky gal to know such awesome people.