A Discussion about a DJ and a Dinner Plate

It's Sunday. I'm relaxing in my sweats and catching up on the goings-on of Facebook, just checking in to see how all the weddings this weekend went for all of our friends in the industry. And that's when a conversation erupted (yes...erupted) about a DJ and a dinner plate. Nope--not kidding here....although it is a catchy title, right?? ;-) A DJ friend of ours wrote a comment on FB regarding the fact that he was surprised he received some flack for carrying dinner plates for the bride and groom from the buffet to their seats so they didn't have to do that task on their wedding day. Nice guy, right? A swell guy, you might say. Well, apparently this friend of ours, John and I are in the minority. A few other DJ's chimed in on the post stating that it's not their job to do extra things like that and that they thought it was weird for our friend to do this...I did also sense a note of "Hey...that's just beneath me". Of course if any of you know me at all then you know I had something I felt could add to the conversation and it all got me thinking about you customers out there: What kind of vendors do you want attending to your wedding day and do you know who you are hiring?

There are so many vendors to consider for your wedding day, each with a special and unique service to offer, it can make you kinda dizzy sometimes. Dress vendors, tux vendors, florists, jewelers, invitations, hairpieces, photographers, DJ's, bands, cocktail hour quartets, cake baker, cookie makers, dinnerware, seat covers, centerpieces, shoes, makeup, hair, programs, seat numbers, seating arrangements, up-lighting, monogram lighting on the dancefloor, caricature artists, photobooths, magicians, professional dancers, caterers, hotel managers, banquet managers, wedding coordinators, album designers....ai yai yai...I must go lie down (insert photo of me with backside of my wrist on my forehead while in a mock faint and swoon). It's enough to make me want to run off and get married in a hut on top of a mountain with only forest animals as witnesses and a unicorn as our attending minister (OK--so maybe I've seen too many Disney movies...so kill me).

I have had the blessed opportunities to work with some of the most talented, most professional and most awesome, kind vendors in the industry here in Pittsburgh. And Pittsburgh is a great place! We're known for our unique brand of niceness! We rock! But unfortunately I have also worked with vendors that believed they were just there to work the job and collect the pay.

So....what kind of vendors do you want attending to your wedding? Be sure to talk to your vendors before you hire them to feel them out a little. I mean really talk. Ask them questions about their lives, relationships and work. Sip some coffee, sit back and get to know who you're hiring. Through casual conversation you will find out if the person sitting in front of you is simply a kind person. As for us, our motto is "Be Kind. Under Promise and Over Deliver". That's gotten us pretty far. I have cleaned up spilled drinks on the dance floor, I have bustled gowns, put in veils, pinned boutonnieres and even driven the bride and groom to the reception when their limo broke down. You do what you have to do to make sure that your bride and groom have a seamlessly run, magical and perfect day. That's how John and I feel about it but not everyone feels the same way. Are you hiring a florist that will ditch your flowers at the church and take off, not giving a care who in the world pins your boutonnieres or even waits to make sure the bride likes her flowers (I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have had to pin boutonnieres because there was not a person in sight that knew how). Did you hire a wedding planner that will run out the night before the wedding to get new tuxes because the ones they delivered were too small? Did you hire a caterer that will make sure your waiting room is filled with yummies and cocktails while you relax before your reception? Did you hire a photographer that will tell you that a hair is out of place, your necklace is sitting crooked, go find your Dad for the reception line up or work with the DJ to move his entire sound system in the middle of the reception because you said you couldn't hear it at all from the dance floor (yes, this happened)? And....did you hire a DJ that wouldn't think twice about carrying your dinner plate from the buffet to your seat to make sure you don't get anything on your gown?

There is a whole world of behind-the-scene activities going on that you, the bride and groom, know nothing about. We are a team of vendors that, hopefully, work together to ensure you didn't know that the cake caught on fire, the Best Man threw up right before his speech, your sister-in-law caused yet ANOTHER argument with your brother or that the toilet backed up in stall #3 in the ladies room. This is what we do. We work together. We go the extra mile (or 10). We do whatever it is we have to do because when it's all said and done each of us vendors is in the service industry. Yes, we each have our individual artistic talents, from cake decorating to photography to set design...but really our job of the day is to make you happy. And you know what?? It's not that hard! Be kind. Under promise and over deliver. If you are talking to any vendor that you suspect doesn't ascribe to that motto you might want to consider moving on.

Be kind. Under promise and over deliver. And don't pat us on the back for that, it's not that hard and if your vendor says it is....well....I think you know. ;-)