Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | The Mansion at Maple Heights | Mindy & Ed

So, I'm a girl. In fact, I'm a girlie girl and I soooo heart weddings. I love the frill, the colors, the ruffles, flowers, decorations, makeup, shoes, excitement and everything else that comes along with a wedding day. It might have a teeny tiny little bit to do with the fact that John & I didn't actually have a wedding. We took off to Vermont for 7 days and got married. We didn't invite a soul. :) It was wonderful. It was intimate, lovely, romantic and beautiful and if I could go back I wouldn't change a thing. But this also means I live vicariously through all the gorgeous brides I get to photograph every weekend. :) As such, I tend to be a bit biased in my postings, focusing on the girlie stuff a lot more than the guy stuff. Can you blame me?? If you have had a chance to read thru some of my blog posts you'll see some of the most beautiful, sweet, happy brides ever. But I have to remind myself occasionally that the guys need some love too! So below is me throwing some love at the guys. ;-) Ed was such a smart-lookin' guy and what a day his groomsmen had (did I mention the "man cave" at the Mansion that had a tv the size of a movie screen loaded with every game, show and movie you could possibly ever want surrounded by the ultimate "guy chairs"??)

So here's some love for Ed and the guys (insert mental image of me showing off my flexing poses with a manly look on my face and saying things like "Oh yeah! That's right...take a gander at these guns!")

OK--so maybe this isn't the most "manly" photo to start out with but c'mon...isn't this sweet?? Ed is writing in a card to his soon-to-be wife. (no matter how hard I try...I'm still and will always be a romantic at heart.....*sigh* :))

Let the fun begin!

You can still me manly and have other guys button your shirt for you. Don't let anyone say anything differ

Totally diggin' this photo. Good one John!

Just look at this guy! Huh? What a good lookin' fella! ;-)

Mindy on her way to meet her groom for their First Glance.

Can't help but gather a crowd for such an exciting moment. :)

The only thing appropriate to say here is "awwwwwwwwwww!"

And for the manly men out there....I just had to throw in a photo of one of the most testosterone places on earth: the Man Cave at The Mansion at Maple Heights. Of course the guy that owns the place is an ex-Steeler so how could you expect anything else?? Even a girlie girl like me can appreciate this awesomeness. ;-)

Complete with lazy boy theater-style seating . . . jeez . . . what a crappy place, right??

Girls: what do ya say we all meet there for margaritas and a showing of The Notebook? Anyone in?? Manis & Pedis??