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OK - so you'll have to forgive me for such a short post, for now, on such a magnificent wedding. There are so many little fun things about this wedding day I can't wait to share but for now I just wanted to give you a peek into just the beginning of the day. You would think a house FILLED with kids and a billion sisters would be total chaos...and yes, there was chaos, but it was a chaos filled with such a harmonious buzz. It was simply delightful to be a fly on the wall and watch all the festivities unravel as Annie got ready for her wedding day. She was so calm, so sweet and so happy. Nothing, not even crazy amounts of kids, food, wine, opinions, hairspray, noise, piano playing, and all the other business happening at this stage of the day could even remotely make her break a sweat. ;-) This wedding party was FORTY + people! No, that was not a typo. FORTY, FORTY, FORTY! Annie and Neal had friends, siblings and allllllllllll the nieces and nephews in on this one and it was glorious. So much love and happiness. I got to watch Annie's father kiss every single daughter and grandaughter as they walked down the aisle. So touching. And looking at Neal with a gigantic grin on his face that he couldn't quite put away at any part of the day was so heart warming (did I mention I went to college with Neal??).

It was a lovely, lovely day. :) More to come!