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So a little more from Mary & Ian's wedding day! Since we will be shooting a triple header this weekend (WHAT were we thinking???) I thought I'd leave a larger post because I won't be able to blog again until Tuesday. My poor computer will miss me so much (don't tell her but I'm looking forward to the break ;-)) These are just some random cutie photos that caught my eye so I wanted to share them...

Look at this cutie patootie. Yes she was so shy in the beginning but wow you should have seen this little one twirl for me later. ;-)

I love capturing the bride and groom's expressions as they walk back down the aisle because it's always what you see below: "Yippy!"

Can't help it, yet another adorable moment with Mary's niece and flower girl.

I loved this photo of Mary. She wasn't paying attention to anything and John just snapped this lovely look when she wasn't looking....those always make the best photos.

Sneaking a sweet moment together before all the hub-bub begins.

Dontcha just love Mary's rings?? I love the yellow diamonds. I've seen them before but never a wedding set with an eternity band of them. This photo just does not do it justice. It was a stunning set. So unique.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of the night that John captured. Such a sweet photo! Nothing like catching your new husband off guard with a whammy-slammy-whatoozie-woo of a kiss! Nice!

Everything's better when it's shared...

Another sweet moment. :)

Look how cute this is! Mary's expression is just adorable...what a little foxy minx she is! ;-)

And yes, I couldn't resist just ONE more of her. How in the world could I not put up a photo of the beautiful bride twirling with the adorable flower girl?? It's simply a requirement.